Get Pokemon by Trade

Common users who have online services available in their 2/3DS can get their customized pokemon by Trade.

Here's the steps to use the trade serivces:

  1. In the main screen of the app, click the up-right button

  2. choose pokemon you want to receive in game.

  3. Click the Trade button at top-right corner and choose a trade time & date. The App shows the time & date in your local timezone already.
  4. Fill in require infos including your friend code then place the order. Be sure to enable the notification for the app, you'll get notice before the trade starts and we may send you some messages. If you order for Pokemon Sun Moon, please make sure your trainer name and trainer avatar are correct. Otherwise we can't identify your order and you won't get your pokemon.
  5. Prepare your pokemon to trade with. You can use any pokemon to trade with us, but we suggest you catch some useless pokemon.
  6. At your trade time on the trade date, start the game. For Pokemon Sun/Moon, click X button and go to Festival Plaza(how to trade pokemon in sun moon), connect WiFi and wait for our trade request; For Pokemon X,Y,OR,AS, log onto the Player Search System (PSS).
  7. We'll send you your pokemon. The pokemon may have some changes. Please check here for why.

Here's the pricing of the service.
How to trade pokemon in sun moon