Hack your 2/3DS and Install PokGear Box Receiver

Finally we are please to announce that we can hack all the new or old 2/3DS of all system version. (works on the version <= 10.5.0-30 now up to 11.0.0, the current version)

Please share this page to your friends ASAP as Nintendo may blocks this hack soon.

In order to preven your 2/3DS update the firmware automatically, block the firmware update by following the instruction here.https://pokgear.com/blog/block-2-3ds-from-firmware-updates/

Here are the steps to install the hax and our PokGear Box Receiver which runs in the 2/3DS to receive a box of pokemon from the PokGear app into the box 1 of the PC in a pokemon game.

  1. Download & install the PokGear app

  2. Write down the 10 digits or alpabets hex string at the bottom of the setting screen in the app.

  3. Use a computer (windows or mac) to download the installer zip file at
    Replace hex-string with your own hex string you just wrote down in step 2. For example: https://d.pokgear.com/hz8whzolxr
    You must download your own zip file with your own hex string as its identification in the url. If you get error while downloading the zip, you may probably input a wrong url or hex string. Contact us if you are sure everything is inputted correctly.

  4. Unzip the file and copy all files into the SD card of your 2/3DS. They should look like:

  5. Insert the SD card back into your 2/3DS and boot it up.

  6. Follow this video tutorial for how to following steps. the QR code image used in the video is just under this video frame..

When the menuhax_manager is installed successfully, you can now send a box of pokemon into your game