How to Trade Pokemon in Sun Moon

In Pokemon Sun Moon, the trade (using Link Trade) is available in the FESTIVAL PLAZA. Follow is a step by step instruction. Please make sure you have read all of them before trading pokemon, especially the texts in red.

If you have placed an trade order in pokgear app, but you inputted a wrong trainer name or selected a avatar icon, please contact us immediately as they're very important info to identify your order.

In order to make the trade go through, you must set the "Communications with Guests" to be "enable".It's the last option on the profile screen.

Register provider's friend code

*Every time when you place an order, you'll see provider's friend code of the order. It's not always the same, but may change sometime. Always check if you have register it into your 3DS before you start to trade pokemon. Here is a tutorial about how to register friend code.

Get ready to trade
  • Click X button on the 3DS console.
  • then the FESTIVAL PLAZA will come up as an option at the bottom screen. It is only accessible after you reach the Pokémon Centre in Hau’oli City.
  • then the home screen of FESTIVAL PLAZA shows up. Note: It's not connected to WIFI yet as it shows "Connected to local wireless communication". In order to trade pokemon, you need to connect to the Internet. Click the bottom right WIFI icon.

* when connected to Internet, it shows "Connected to the Internet".

Now, at that point, you're ready to receive trade request. Please note that only on the home screen with Internet connected you can receive trade requests. You won't get request notice on any other screens even though some one is sending a request to you. You can try to send a trade request while waiting, but please go back to home screen if you don't get a response. If two users send a trade request at the same time, as they're both not on the home screen, none of them will receive a trade request. One must be on the home screen to receive a trade request. So please stay on home screen while waiting for trade order.

Send a trade request
  • click the big trade button on the home screen of FESTIVAL PLAZA, and choose Link Trade
  • a Guest list shows up
  • if some one has registered your friend code and you have registered his/her FC too, there will be "Friend List" on it. Click it and Yes.
  • Requesting link trade
Accept a trade request

You can online get a trade request when you're on the home screen of FESTIVAL PLAZA.
* a trade request comes, press Y button to accept the request