Install & Run PokGear Pokemon Receiver 2.0

In order to download the receiver, you need to open this page in a pc(windows, mac) browser. the url of this page is: or just

System requirement

the receiver works on new/old 3ds/2ds of system version from 9.0.0 to 11.3.0-36

*New system update may block this from working. In order to prevent your 2/3DS update the firmware automatically, block the firmware update by following the instruction.


I. Choose a link below to download the receiver. You'll get a zip file with name like ''. Unzip the file and copy all the contents to the root of your SD card. (If you have a new 3DS, you need to remove the cover first then get the SD card out. You also need a micro SD card reader.)

Please note: If you can already run homebrew, then you only need to download & unzip the pokgear pokemon receiver 3dsx program folder and put it to /3ds folder of your SD card. Then go to step 3 in "Run the receiver" section.

USA region, Old 3DS/2DS

USA region, new 3DS

Japan region, old 3DS/2DS

Japan region, new 3DS

Euro region, old 3DS/2DS

Euro region, new 3DS

Korea region, old 3DS/2DS

Korea region, new 3DS

II. Download the otherapp payload (for your version and region.) Download otherapp, not ropbin.

III. Copy the otherapp payload to the root of your SD card and rename it to otherapp.bin

IV. Reinsert your SD card into your 3DS/2DS

Run the receiver

  1. Open Nintendo Sound. Go through all of the bird tips, then close the app normally and reopen it
    Launching SoundHax immediately would cause these tips to appear on every launch of the Nintendo 3DS Sound until this is done

  2. Go to /SDCARD, then play “<3 nedwill 2016”
    This may take many tries. If it freezes, just force the console to power off by holding the power button, then try again.

  3. Your console should load the Homebrew Launcher.

  4. Follow the link to run PokeGear Pokemon Receiver