SendBox 2.0 Price & Instruction

This works for almost all 2/3DS. (system 9.0 ~ 11.3.0-36) You'll get your Pokemon instantly by just couple clicks.



  • 25 regular Pokemon;
  • 30 Points per Legal Pokemon;
  • 25 for regular Pokemon;
  • 30 Points per legal Pokemon.
Legal Pokemon

When you set the "Legal" to be on, the pokemon are ready to battle online. Just like receiving them via our trade service.

Please go here to install & setup PokGear Pokemon Receiver


  • All Pokemon will go to Box 10 as a "Starting Box" in the PC in game by default. You can click the Setting button to change the "Starting Box" to other box. They will replace the existing pokemon (depending on how many pokemon to receive) in or after the starting box. So if you don't want to lose them, move them to boxes prior the "starting box" before receiving your pokemon.
  • When 'Legal' is On, illegal info of the pokemon will be corrected. TID/SID are also be correct. So you don't need to know your TID/SID. And when you receive them in game, they're legal and ready for online battle. It's the same as you receive them by our trade service
  • If you don't have enough points to cover the costs, you'll receive a message in the receiver.

Run PokGear Pokemon Receiver

  1. Choose "PokGear Pokemon Receiver" and click A button, then choose your pokemon game. (You can click 'Left' or 'Right' D-pad button to switch different title)

  2. When the program open, click download. Input the hex string in the menu screen of PokGear App. If you inputed a wrong hex string. Hold 'B' and 'Down' buttons to input the hex string again.

  3. All pokemon will be downloaded into the pokemon game's PC boxes. By default, pokemon will be stored in boxes starting from Box 10. You can change the starting box in the App.