Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is Pokgear?

    Pokgear is the most powerful Pokémon Creator. It's compatible with Pokemon X/Y, Alpha Sapphire and Omega Ruby. You can edit pokemon moves, EVs, IVs, abilities, nicknames and much more.

  2. Is this actually real?

    Yes. If it's not working then you probably have one of the following problems.

    - Didn't follow instructions properly.
    - Your game is a bootleg.
    - Your 3DS version > 9.5.0-22 (getting pokemon by scanning QR code).

  3. I'm not getting the Pokemon!

    Make sure that you have done these:

    - Did you already get the Game opened before scanning the QR code.
    - Make sure make sure wait extra 10 seconds before going back to game.

    If you've tried all of that and still don't have any luck then please contact us. There is a contact button in the menu screen of the App.

  4. Are the Pokemon Legal?

    Most of the Pokemon created with PokGear are Legal. Legal means they can be used in online battles and trades.

    Here are a couple reason that you might be getting illegal Pokemon:

    - You gave a Pokemon a move that it couldn't actually learn yet. You can avoid this by sending high level Pokemon.
    - Do not make edits in the Extra Tab.
    - Keep the Pokemon Nonshiny
    - Keep the combined EV total under 510. It will warn you if the total has gone over the limit.

For additional inquiries, please e-mail